For as long as people have driven cars and other people have sold gasoline, so called “gas wars” have occasionally showed up as two or more companies attempted to outsell their competition.

As recently as 2016, CNBC reported a three way gas war in Houghton Lake, Michigan where prices dropped below $0.50 per gallon, even as the nationwide average hung around $2.42 per gallon.

Residents of Providence are currently benefiting from a gas war of their own...or at least a gas skirmish. Although prices have not dipped into the area of ridiculously cheap, they are currently the lowest in the state according to Gas Buddy.


Since the Casey’s General Store opened its doors last month, Casey’s and Hucks have been engaged in a price battle that has held prices steady, even as gas prices have risen all around the area.

As of Monday morning both stations were charging $2.38 for regular, the lowest listed price in Kentucky. The state-wide average price was $2.81. By Tuesday Casey’s price had risen by a dime, but Huck’s was holding steady with the cheapest gas in the commonwealth.

“It’s neat to know that we have the cheapest gas in the state,” said Mayor Eddie Gooch. “I have to give credit to Casey’s. They came in and gas prices in town dropped. I know it can’t last forever, but I wish it could.”

In Madisonville, just 17 miles away, gas on Tuesday was at $2.69, and in Henderson, once the cheapest gas in the tri-state, regular was selling for $2.72.  In Webster County, Sebree was charging $2.74 and Clay was at $2.69.


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