Meeting in a regular session last Tuesday evening, Clay City Council members voted to award Taylor Generators a yearly contract to maintain generators used to keep the city up and running during emergencies.

The three generators being serviced provide emergency power for the Fire Department, The City Sewage Building and at the city offices. The contract will consist of general maintenance services yearly and all current repairs that are needed.

Ron from Taylor Generators was present at the meeting this month and walked thru all the repairs and services being provided, as well as a list of costs.

The generator at our sewage building is an Olympian branded generator with a rare engine. Parts for this generator are difficult to find; hoses, belts, coolant wear, and spec leakage are the current repairs needed. The yearly charge for services on it will cost $550 and including the repairs currently need will bring our total for this year to $1,978.

The Fire Station generator services will cost $385 a year.

The generator at the Chambers office need the block heater repaired, which will be a one-time fee of $477.68 and a yearly fee of $368 a year.

The generator at the Fire Station has already been repaired and Taylor generators was able to save the city over $2000 on repairs.

Code Enforcement Officer Victor Sutton notified the council that he had sent three warnings out to residents about violations. Homes on West elm street, East elm street and 1st street have been addressed about violating city codes. A Taylor Street residence has still not cleaned up debris, trash, maintain the lawn and repairing or demolishing the sidewalk. The resident was given 10 days and will be reinspected on the 20th. If the residence is not up to code by the fines may be implemented. A residence on Highway 132 has been notified to mow the lawn and remove vehicles from the yard.

The City of Clay has approved a bid of $36,600 by Cripple Creek located in Morganfield to repair sidewalks all over the city. Warrior and Bowling inc. also placed a bid on repairs for our sidewalks. Warriors bid of $94,549.94 was denied and a Bowling inc. bid of $89,340.00 was also denied.