Clay utility customers who rely on Audubon Area for assistance paying their bills will not face disconnect after city council members voted last Tuesday night to wait for for payment vouchers to clear.

Some 25 low income utility customers in Clay are provided with utility payment vouchers by Audubon Area. However, according to city officials, it can sometimes take as much as three to six months for those vouchers to clear the bank. During that period, the city must cover the cost of those utilities out of the municipal budget.

Due to the customers being low-income, council members voted to keep waiting for those funds.

Mayor Jackie Edens told council members during the meeting that current projects are showing that the price the city pays for gas could rise by as much as 128 to 130% this winter. That will likely result in a rise in what gas customers pay on their monthly bills.

According to Edens, if your bill ran low last year expect it to raise at least $20, if it was somewhere in the middle expect around a $50 increase each month, and if your gas runs on the higher end expect to be paying over $100 more per month.

Clay days was a huge success, and the city is already talking about finding more volunteers to help and keep clay days going next year for our community! As For the Holiday season, or spooky season, Clay’s Trick or treating hours will be Sunday, October 31, from 4 p.m.-7 p.m.

The Cares act budget of $8,072.18 and the ARP budget of $141,647.80 were both approved totaling to $149,719.98.