In 2000, the city of Clay altered its boundaries by annexing several areas adjacent to the city. It was recently uncovered, however, that when they did so, they failed to update those maps with the Secretary of State’s office in Frankfort.

That doesn’t change anything for the residents of those annexed areas, but it does require city officials to go through the steps of finding proof of the most recent boundary maps, which they can then approve through a new city ordnance. Once approved, those maps will be submitted to the Secretary of State.

City attorney Ben Leonard told the council that he had been speaking with Keith Whitledge who completed the most recent maps of the city boundaries and he believed they had been located.

In other business, the council welcomed Wanda Blackwell, director of the Webster County Senior Citizens’ Center. to its meeting. She presented a report to council members on the various programs the center has to offer for residents over the age of 60, including daily meals and in-county bus transportation.

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