Clay Elementary School held a “Greatest Show on Earth”-themed back-to-school open house last week to help get students ready for the start of the year.

On August 10, 2021, Clay Elementary school had cars wrapped around the block due to the large number of people attending the schools Open House/Carnival hosted for the parents and students for the start of the 2021-22 school year.

The theme for this school year is based on the movie ‘The Greatest Showman’ inspired by P.T. Barnum’s Creation of Barnum’s American Museum.

“COVID has given us so many obstacles, we just want the kids to have the Greatest School Year Ever and continue to help kids realize their dreams and how to fulfill those dreams in the face of adversity like the character of P.T. Barnum did in the Greatest Showman!” said Susan Owens, Principal of Clay Elementary.

The open House had a Circus Theme, including free popcorn, balloon animals, Cracker Jacks, Games, Bounce Houses, circus themed cookies, Cotton Candy and Free Snow Cones provided by Snowie’s Snow Cones for all students.

Game Booths allowed children to not only see the familiar faces of all their teachers but also to win prizes! Each Student was presented a ticket that had a stamp for each booth parent and student had to attend to earn entry into the carnival.

Those booth gave information and forms for the upcoming school year and provided the students with school supplies needed for their grade level. That is where students were also given their Chromebooks for this year. Each Students Completed Ticket was placed into a drawing for a chance to win a Free Nintendo Switch.

COVID Restrictions have made it difficult for parents to be as involved in schools all over America. It has also caused many students to struggle with different areas of their education having to adjust to remote/NTI learning.

When students arrive to school this year, they will go straight to their classrooms at 7:20 for breakfast. During this time tutoring and relationship building will be offered to the students to help them with any aspects of school they may be struggling with this year. This is in addition to normal RTI (Response to Intervention) Services that are normally offered throughout the day to meet and provide individualized assistance to students in need.

“We will meet kids where they are to make-up and continue their education,” said Glenette Hill. “We want to keep an open line of communications with parents, and partnership up with parents and the community to make this the Greatest School Year Ever!”

Although COVID restrictions make it hard for parents to volunteer at the school, donations for school supplies are always needed. Anyone in the community who would like to donate to Clay Elementary School, can reach out to their students’ teacher or contact Susan Owens at 270-664-2227.