Clay Council members voted on Tuesday night to provide all full time city employees, including police officers, with a bonus payment of $3,500 as a way of saying thank you for their work during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

“I am pro employee, I think we should show our gratitude and appreciation,” said councilman Mike Grigg.

The payments, which will be issued this week, will total $27,962 and will be funded with COVID-19 CLRF American Rescue Plan funds.

It was reported that the Clay Fire Department was in Hopkins County last week assisting with search and rescue efforts resulting from the devastating Dec. 10 tornado that struck Dawson Springs, Ilsley, Barnsley and Flat Rock.

The council approved spending $7,426.08 to purchase new wild land gear, and an additional $12,400.08 for purchase eight new portal radios. Of that, $4,974.00 will be reimbursed by KY Division of Forestry.

The city’s fire truck is currently in the shop after its water pump stopped working and the tank has developed a leak. A replacement pump is estimated to cost between $40,000 and $70,000.

The council has agreed to work on finding funding to purchase a new fire truck instead of making these costly repairs.

In Ohio county, Dundee, KY there is a 2002 model for around 90-98,000 for sale which is an option and the city could apply for FEMA grants through GRADD. However, it could take two and a half to three years to receive those funds.

During public appeals, it was mentioned that there have been complaints of a white pitbull chasing people and cars within the city.

City officials also reported that on Jan. 1 legislation will change making the process for the city to get abandon buildings and homes torn down much easier.