Independence Bank in Providence and the Providence Police Department have united this month to help lend a hand to local students and teachers by collecting school supplies.

From now until August 2, a Providence Police cruiser will be parked at Independence Bank every day. The car will be unlocked between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. for anyone wanting to stop by and donate supplies without having to come into the bank.

“While I’d love to get the good publicity for this, it wasn’t my idea,” said Providence Police Chief Todd Jones. “Ellie Stewart from the bank and Diane Oakley approached me with this idea. I took them the car, handed them the keys and said park it where ever you want to.”

On days when it is raining, or for those customers who just want to come into the bank, Stewart said they will accept donation inside the bank as well.

“School supplies are best, but we can also take monetary donations,” said Ellie Stewart. “We prefer that if it is a monetary donation that it be in cash.”

She said that while other forms of payment could be accepted, cash would be the easiest for all parties to deal with.

Stewart added that any school supplies would be welcomed, and suggested that anyone interested in making a donation could get a copy of Providence Elementary’s supply lists for the coming school year. She said she hoped to have one to post at the bank soon.

“Our teachers have to fill the void for students who don’t have or can’t get the supplies they need,” she added, pointing out that teachers often have to buy those supplies out of their own pocket. “We hope this will help take a little off of them.”

Stewart said it was Diane Oakley, a former Webster County teacher, who originally had the idea for this event.



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