Sewage Generator repairs have become a costly issue for the city of Clay.

The city was already paying $1,978 to keep the equipment running. That cost included a $500 annual free to Taylor Generators for normal maintenance and upkeep, which includes repair of hoses, belts, coolant, wear and leakage.

Recent inspection of the generator by Taylor Generators also discovered a faulty switch that was in need of repair.

The Sewage Generator is an older model Olympian branded generator with a rare Heno engine, causing parts for it to be difficult to find and costly to repair.

The total cost just to repair the switch was $1,364.26 in addition to the $1,978 already being spent to make repairs on the outdated model, creating a total cost of $3,342.26. This is not including the costs being paid for the repairs on the Fire station generator or the generator for the City Building.

Residents who were facing code violations have all been addressed and the issues have been resolved. There was a First reading for the 2021 Taxes. The Property Tax Real/Tangible has a Compensating rate of 4%. The Motor Vehicle/Watercraft tax is $0.39 per $100 set by the KRS. The Bank Deposit Tax KRS 136.575(2) is 0.025%. The second Reading will take place in the month of September.