For one young man, fall break was all about the vacation of a lifetime. Elijah Rollins, 17 of Providence, spent the last week on Oahu, the island in the Hawaiian chain that holds Honolulu, the state capital.

The journey was made possible by the people at Make-A-Wish, the organization that grants wishes to help children battling critical illnesses to build the hope and strength they need to fight harder. Elijah has been on the waiting list for the trip since he was first diagnosed with cancer in 2013.

Elijah was diagnosed with T-cell acute lympho-blastic leukemia (T-ALL) when he was just 12 years old. His doctor submitted his name to the Make-A-Wish program right way. Not long after his family received paperwork for the trip in the mail. Then they began waiting.

"He's been waiting almost as long as he's been in remission," said his mother, Tamiko Hall, the morning before the family left. "He's very excited."

Hall said Elijah planned to go parasailing, go on a submarine tour and then attend an authentic luau while in Hawaii.

"He's had a long journey ut he's a tough little kid," said his mother. "Along the way he has become my inspiration. He's gone through things I never thought a kid could go through and endure. That's why I

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always call him my super hero."

Along with Elijah and Tomiko, his brother Krishawn Rollins and Kris Rollins also went along for the trip.

Officials from the city of Providence sent the family off in style on Friday, Oct. 4, with police and fire giving them an escort out of town.

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