By Staff Reports

On Friday, Providence Police Chief Todd Jones announced the arrest of a suspect accused of threatening to kill law enforcement officers and encouraging others to harm law enforcement as well.

Jones reported that Elijah Skinner, 40 of Providence, began making threats against him in retaliation to an August 20 arrest on Barrett Street in Providence. That event followed local EMTs requesting the chief accompany them to a report of a dead body.

As EMTs were removing the homeowner, who has since recovered and been released from the hospital, Jones reported seeing drugs laying in the open in a room which Skinner said was his. In that case the suspect was charged with possession of meth, possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Jones alleges that the majority of Skinners threats against law enforcement began after Skinner was pulled over by KSP troopers Rodge Porter and Alex Winters on Barbour Street while driving the above mentioned homeowner’s vehicle.

Skinner was not charged with any crime or cited for any violation during that stop, but Jones said immediately afterwards he began posting threats on Facebook and sending them through text messages.

The suspect was lodged in the Webster County Detention Center for Retaliating Against A Participant in a Legal Process and Terroristic Threatening, 3rd Degree. He is currently being held on $10,000 cash bond.