Reverend Jack Signed

Members of the band “Reverend Jack” celebrate with the president of their new record label at WIngs & Things in Madisonville. Pictured are, from left, drummer Alex Sorrells, guitar player Dustin Back, Chris Lapurage of Resurgence America Inc., lead singer Eric Harmon and bassist Ryan Garrett.

Reverend Jack signed to record contract; Group to enter the studio in January

Music runs in Alex Sorrells’ blood, and from the time he started playing drums at the age of nine, making a career out of it was his life’s goal. After signing a record contract two weeks ago, that goal is one step closer.

Sorrells grew up in a household that was always filled with music. His father, J-E salesman Derek Sorrells, was himself a musician, having toured the country with various bands for more than a decade.

“Dad was a drummer for years,” Sorrells said. “He was signed by three different record labels. I’ve always worked to continue his musical legacy.”

Even after retiring from the road, the elder Sorrells’ love for music continued to influence his son. Derek and his wife, Melody, turned their mutual love of vinyl records into a business, where Alex currently works when he isn’t busy with his own musical career. He can be found at The Record Groove in Providence nearly every Friday and Saturday.

“When I was in high school, a lot of kids either wanted to go to college for their career or they wanted to go into coal mining,” Sorrells said. “My dream has always been music. I looked at several other careers, but I always felt like music was my calling.”

During all four years of his years at Webster County High School, Sorrells played in the WCHS Band.

“The last three years I got to play drums,” he said. “It was pretty cool. All of our shows became like a rock show. I learned a lot from that.”

After high school the 2016 graduate followed his dream, playing drums with a number of bands around the area, including the Cameron Tabor Band out of Madisonville. But Sorrells said he eventually became interested in playing more frequently, and an opportunity arose.

“In August, Dustin Back, a friend of mine who had known my father for years, contacted me about playing drums in his band,” he said.

I went for an audition and things just clicked.”

Sorrells rehearsed with his new band, Reverend Jack, for several weeks before they hit the road, performing shows in somewhat larger markets such as Evansville, Harrisburg (IL) and Owensboro.

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They then performed at Live On The Lawn in Kuttawa, along with national recording artists All that Remains, Shamans Harvest, Ten Years. The band also had the chance to open for Grammy nominated rock band Saliva in Clarksville (TN).

But it was a one night gig at the Bourbon Hall in Lousiville that changed things.

“One of our band members said there were going to record label executives and talent scouts in the audience,” Sorrells said. “We just kinda laughed about it.”

In fact, among the audience that night was Cris Lepurage, a professional guitar tech who currently works with Foreigner, and had worked with such acts as Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Iron Maiden, Lady Gaga and Godsmack during his 15 year career. He also happened to be the president of the newly founded Resurgence America Inc., an independent record label.

Lepurage and the members of Reverend Jack entered discussions, finally reaching and agreement on December 7, when they officially signed a recording contract.

In January the band will visit New York, where they will record a three song EP at Full Force Studios. Once released the album will be available digitally and will be carried at The Record Groove, among other retailers.


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