Providence Police credit the community with foiling an alleged burglary plan last week after a watchful group of residents reported the crime and then helped law enforcement locate the suspect.

According to police chief Todd Jones, at approximately 6:50 p.m. on Thursday, a resident of Logan Street noticed Clarence James Blair coming out of a garage belonging to Dick Reed. He added that neighbors, who had been notified that Reed was out of town, quickly notified the PPD.

"As Officer responded and began conducting a search for Mr. Blair, numerous members of the community began assisting and notifying the officers of Mr. Blair's location as he attempted to flee and hide," Jones said. "Because of these remarkable people and their willingness to help others, Mr. Blair was located and arrested at a trailer at 907 South Broadway in Providence."

Officer Michael Tabor made the arrest. He was assisted by Officers Isaac Frias and Carl Scheer.

Blair was charged with third degree burglary in this case. Officer Benton also charged him in regards to a second burglary that allegedly took place on May 27, also on Logan Street.

Chief Jones would like to personally thank the citizens for looking out for each other, and encourages other Providence residents to consider stepping up.

"This makes me proud of the community and the people I serve," he stated. "This incident is a shining example of law enforcement and the community working together to make to community safer for everyone. If you live in the city, I encourage everyone to get to know your neighbors. Start a watch program where you look out for each other's property when they are gone. My officers would be happy to assist with any neighborhood establishing a watch program."

The National Neighborhood Watch, a division of the National Sheriffs' Association, recommends following five simple steps to creating an effective neighborhood watch:

• Recruit and Organize as many neighbors as possible

• Contact your local law enforcement agency and schedule a meeting

• Discuss community concerns and develop an action plan

• Create a communication plan

• Take Action: Hold Meetings and Events

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