SkillsUSA is an organization established to help high school and post secondary students across the country grow into a skilled workforce. The program serves more than 360,000 students and instructors from across the U.S. each year. And for the coming school year, one of the leaders of the organization will be one of Webster County’s own.

Justin Newton was named as a national officer during the SkillsUSA National Championships, held in Louisville on June 26 and 27. Newton has been active with the Webster County SkillsUSA team for three years.

“To become a SkillsUSA National Officer you must campaign,” Newton said. “All candidates must give a one to two minute speech, answer three delegate questions and answer one problematic question in front of the House of Delegates. For each Delegate Session there is a Meet the Candidates Session where the Delegates can go to whichever candidates they want and ask them anything about their plans to help SkillsUSA.”

After is all said and done, the delegate teams from each state vote on for their national officer team, which consists of 15 members. Those members include: five college post secondary candidates , five at large candidates, and five regional VP candidates.

“SkillsUSA is something that on a personal level cannot be described,” said Netwon. “It has taken me on a journey throughout my high school career that I’ll never forget. It gave me confidence in my own abilities as well as helped me find my passions. When I graduate next year I’ll be prepared to be not only a leader in the workforce but a passionate worker with a set goal and a focus on continuous growth.”

Newton urges anyone with even a passing interest in the trade field to at least consider SkillsUSA.

“SkillsUSA and the ATC helped me grow my confidence, set my goals and find my career path,” he added. “Not to mention that current Industry has been working with SkillsUSA since its conception. Employers know that SkillsUSA and the ATC teaches not only job specific skills but also employability skills that make an employee irresistible and irreplaceable. Almost any door I desire to open will because of what SkillsUSA and the ATC has done for me.”

SkillsUSA has served more than 13.5 million annual members cumulatively since 1965.



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