Firemen and police officers are usually busy fighting fires or crime, but on Saturday, the PFD and the PPD will be in a battle with each other. At stake, bragging rights for the department that comes out on top, and a lot of new coats and toys for area residents who are in need.

The first Providence Shoots and Ladders event is a friendly competition style fund raising event sponsored by Cash Express, the Providence Fire Department and the Providence Police Department.

"When I was approached about the fire department participating in the upcoming Shoots and Ladders event, I was very proud to be able to participate," said Fire Chief Steve Burns. "It is a wonderful cause and yet another way for our department to give back to the community by helping with a great event. The friendly competition between the Fire Department and Police Department brings all of our local Emergency Responders together to benefit the youth of Providence and Webster County."

Area residents are asked to stop by and see the police department at the Providence Family Dollar, or the Fire Department at the Dollar General Store, and make a donation to the department of

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your choice. Donations can include toys, coats or money.

The event will last from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m. Residents are invited to come out and support their favorite first responders.

Reach MATT HUGHES at 270-667-2068 or