Pizza Stand

One Webster County business will soon be having a huge impact on how the world’s number two pizza chain does business, thanks to a new contract that came about because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Dixon-based Pioneer Plastics has been a long time supplier for the Pizza Hut company, providing them with various molded plastic parts through the years. Pioneer has even been named their named Supplier of the Year of three separate occasions.

Earlier this year, Pizza Hut reached out to all of its suppliers looking for new and innovative ideas that would help the company provide safe and healthy ways to continue serving their customers. Over 40 of the chain’s suppliers submitted ideas.

When the selection process was completed, the winning bid went to Pioneer Plastics, which had submitted an original concept suggested by long time employee and engineer Terry Winstead.

Winstead is a Webster County native, and a graduate of Webster County High School.

That design is a circular stand which will be issued to Pizza Hut delivery drivers.

“The way it works is the driver puts the stand on the ground, places the pizza on the stand, rings the doorbell, and steps back,” said Pioneer Plastics president Eddie Knapp. “The customer takes the pizza and the driver takes the stand for use with the next pizza.”

Pioneer will supply Pizza Hut with 80,000 stands, which will be put to use across the United States and even in Europe, ensuring Pizza Hut can deliver pizzas without contact between the driver and the customer.

Pioneer Plastics is based in a 100,000 square foot facility in Dixon. The facility currently employs 85 workers and manufactures plastic products for multiple industries, including lawn and garden, home appliances, packaging, restaurant, food processing/preparation and much more.

“We work for all of the major appliance companies, and major industrial leaders like Pizza Hut, 7-Eleven and others,” Knapp said. “Our products are in Hobby Lobby, Lowe’s and other stores.”

The company recently finished a $400,000 expansion, adding two new machines to the facility to expand their manufacturing ability.

Pioneer has been located in Dixon since 1980. The Knapp family has owned the facility since 1986.

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