The city of Providence is currently in the process of repairing mechanical issues that have plagued the city owned pool for several years. Work is expected to be completed within the next three weeks, allowing the pool to be open well in advance of the annual July 4th Celebration.

Work being conducted on the public pool at the Providence Municipal Golf and Recreation Center (PMGRC) is taking longer than expected, pushing the opening of the facility back until the last week in June.

While the pool is normally open from Memorial Day through the start of Webster County Schools in the fall, during its last several seasons of operation, the pool has suffered from an ongoing water leak that has proved to be costly. Due to the location of that leak, it has been impossible to repair without first draining the pool.

After COVID-19 forced the pool to remained closed in 2020, the city had planned to make upgrades while it was not in service. However, a pandemic related shortage of workers left the city unable to make repairs last year.

The city started making repairs to the pool early this spring, planning to be finished in time for Memorial Day. However, after starting repairs, it was discovered that the ceramic tiles used to construct the pool sixty years ago are no longer being manufactured.

Public works director David May said that he was able to locate a company that had the capability to make matching tiles. Those should be arrive later this week.

However, a cracked water line was located over the weekend, which could push the opening of the pool back to the end of the month.

The city has already hired life guards for this year and have them certified to work.

Contact Matt Hughes at matt@journalenterprise.com or 270-667-2069.

Contact Matt Hughes at matt@journalenterprise.com or 270-667-2069