Providence City Council members unanimously approved a proposal on Monday that will pave the way for a new restaurant to open in the community room section of the Providence Municipal Golf and Recreation Center (PMGRC). Restaurant owners are hoping to have the new eatery open in time for the annual July Fourth Celebration.

For the last month, the city has been soliciting proposals from prospective restaurant owners, but only one such businesses submitted a proposal to the city by the deadline.

Rosie Greenwood and Kyle Lea, owners of Gertie’s Dairy Maid in Dixon, proposed the opening of a “sports grill” themed restaurant inside the PMGRC club house. The business would seat around 86 guests, and would be decorated with sports memorabilia. It would also have multiple televisions for guests wishing to watch sporting events as they dined.

Since the community room has never been used as a restaurant, there are some major upgrade that will have to happen before the new facility can open. That includes redoing the kitchen, as well as adding storage and refrigeration space.

“My goal is to be open by the fourth of July,” said Greenwood. “We do have a restaurant in Dixon we would have to shut down and move to Providence. Our lease on that location runs out at the end of June. We really don’t want to have to sign another year’s lease.”

Lea told the council that he doesn’t want this to be just another restaurant.

“We want this to be a nice place for people to go out to eat,” he stated. “We really don’t have that around here right now.”

He added that the restaurant will specialize in steak and other staples, as well as featuring occasional specialties like crab legs.

Although the council has accepted the proposal, they must first approve a lease agreement with Greenwood and Lea. Officials hope to be able to hold a special called meeting within the next week to get that agreement in place to help speed up the process.

Currently there is no name in place for the new restaurant, although Lea stated that he would like to stay away from golf themed names.

“There is still a mentality that this is the country club,” Lea said. “We want people to know that we’re open for anybody who wants to come in and eat.”

Contact Matt Hughes at or 270-667-2069.

Contact Matt Hughes at or 270-667-2069