The Providence Police Department (PPD) recently added a new pickup truck to its fleet of vehicles, and despite what some might think, the purchase was actually slightly cheaper than what the city had allotted.

When the Providence City Council passed its 2019 budget, it included $46,000 for the purchase of a new police cruiser to replace one of the department's aging units. But when Police Cheif Todd Jones began began pricing new cruisers, he found them to be a little more costly than expected.

"We explored all of the brands and found that cruisers were more expensive than SUVs," Jones said. "Then we started looking at SUVs and discovered that pickups were even cheaper than SUVs."

The 2019 Dodge Ram Quad Cab comes equipped with an emergency response package, and has been detailed and wrapped to match the city's police cruisers.

The pickup came at a price of $29,639 with an equipment package of $8,896 for a

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total of $38,535, saving the department and the city $7,464.

"Not only will this be a vehicle that goes well in the snow, it will also allow us to assist Webster County animal control when needed," Jones said.

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