In his final act as a member of the Sebree City Council, J.T. Skinner, who did not run for reelection and whose term will expire December 31, presented an alcohol sales ordinance to the council on Monday. However, the council elected to take no action at that time.

“I’ve looked at the ordinance in several towns, and pulled together what I think best suits the needs of Sebree,” said Skinner, who is a lawyer. “We can have our first reading tonight, if you want.”

City attorney Dorin Luck, however, thanked Skinner for making his job easier, but said the council needed to seek outside advice before proceeding with any alcohol ordinance.

“I’d like to run it through the Kentucky League of Cities and whoever in Frankfort  (at the state Alcoholic Beverage Control) before you proceed,” Luck told the council.

The council took no action on the newly presented ordinance. As this was the council’s final meeting of 2018, and passage of an alcohol ordinance will require both a first and second reading, it is likely that the issue will not be settled until at least March of 2019.

In other business, Luck informed the council that at their request he had located a city ordinance that addressed the issue of junk cars and appliances. He said the ordinance will allow the city to take action against old vehicles or appliances that are left on property for between 32 hours and 70 days.

Luck said he will check to see if the ordinance is still enforceable by state law and will report back in January.



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