The city of Sebree is in the market for a new police vehicle, but officials report difficulty finding a vehicle that meets the specifications needed to fill the role.

“Our police chief is driving around in the Flintstone mobile,” Mayor Ozzie O’Nan told the council on Monday night. “We need to get him something safe that will help him do his job effectively.”

Officials reported several major issues with the chief’s current vehicle, raising the concern that it will not last much longer, and could become a problem if the city continues to have trouble finding a suitable replacement.

Chief William “Billy” Braden told the council that he had made several inquiries with car dealers qualified through the state of Kentucky’s contract program. He said that each of those dealers was out of the type of police vehicles he needed and likely would be until after the first of the year due to COVID-19 plant closures.

Council members asked what type of vehicle he preferred, pointing out that the city of Providence had begun using trucks.

“I think the best thing for the city of Sebree would be an SUV,” Braden told the council. “Chargers set to low to the ground. Pickups have a bed, but they don’t have a dry place to store evidence and equipment. At least with a car you have a trunk.”

He added that his biggest concern with the Chargers was the height, stating that when he was with the state police, it was quite common for them to get damaged in the line of duty. With the height of railroad crossings in Sebree being an ever growing concern, he felt that just wasn’t a suitable option.

In other business, council member Jana Forker said she had been contacted by a local resident concerned with the state of sidewalks near the elementary school. Mayor O’Nan said that Sebree wasn’t responsible for many of those sidewalks, which were on private property. He had, however, that in the past, the city would provide some of the materials for sidewalk construction if the residents would provide the concrete.

Contact Matt Hughes at or 270-667-2069

Contact Matt Hughes at or 270-667-2069