Webster County Solid Waste and Recycling Centers will begin getting back to normal next week, which means customers will need to make sure they have valid tags if they plan to dump garbage at one of the three centers.

Beginning on July 1, 2020, customers will once again be required to have the proper permit tag or use the garbage bags sold by the county if they want to use one of the facilities.

The bags come in either 33 gallon or 15 gallon sizes, and will sell for $8.75 and $5.00 per bundle of five.

Tags are available in three variations, A, O or C.

An A class permit, which costs $60 every three months, gives the barer access to both the open top container for larger items and the compactor for household trash.

The O class permit, which is $15 every three months, is for the open top container only, while the C class permit, which goes for $45 per three months, is garbage compactor only.

Customers will not be allowed to pay at the solid waste centers. Bags or permit tags must be purchased prior to dumping trash and can be purchased at the Webster County Road Department.

Those customers who prepaid for the entire year will be credited for the last quarter.

Webster County Judge Executive Steve Henry also told magistrates at Monday’s meting of the Webster County Fiscal Court that the county’s recycling program will start back up on July 1 as well, although it will be well scaled back from what residents are used to.

Prior to the COVID-19 shutdown, the county accepted recyclables at the three solid waste centers, but also had cardboard and paper trailers at various locations around the county.

For the time being those trailers will not be back out at businesses and other locations.

In other business, the Fiscal Court awarded bids for road materials and paving during its Monday meeting.

Magistrates also approved a $4,237.56 with Dude Solutions for software that will help the county track problems with county roads.

“Its already being used by Crittenden and Union County,” Henry said. “Its software that will help us maintain and track problems with our roads. A magistrate can go out and pin a road on the app if they see problems.”

The new software will be available to the county starting on July 1.

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