Every Wednesday and Thursday is Story Time in Webster County and it has been since 1973.

Story time at the Webster County Library in Dixon is on Wednesday while at the Providence Branch Library, from 10 to 11 a.m. each day.

The weekly event is geared toward children five and under, but everyone is welcome to the event, which is offered by the library all year round. The kids will listen to the story of the week, eat a snack provided by the library and create a craft that shares the same theme of the story.

At the Providence location they also have a “lap sit” for infants to be able to join in and read with the community.

“My kids are Homeschooled and it’s a nice outing for socializing and stuff!” said Lyndsae Comrie.

Wednesday was the first time in quite a while the library could host in person story time due to COVID-19 regulations.

Shannon Sheridan hosts story time at the Dixon location, she previously drove the book mobile. She has worked for the library since 2017.

“It’s a Great program to encourage kids to love books, and the crafts with the other kids are so fun and the staff is wonderful; Mrs. Shannon is the best!” said Shirley Hendrix.

Hendrix was accompanied by Sarah Scott who has come with both her children and now grandchildren to story time.

“I really enjoy being with the kids and seeing them grow!” said Scott.

Sheridan said, “I love my job, the kids, the parents and all the staff!”

The library is also having a food drive this month from November 1- December 17,2021 called “Food for Fines” any item donated counts as $1 towards any fines owed to the library. They are also creating their own Cookbook, for more information check out the Webster County Library Facebook page as well as too stay updated on all activities they have going on in the community. The library also offers take home crafts for teens and adults as well, and crafts for children can be requested.

Depending on COVID stipulations, the library plans on having their annual Christmas program in Dixon on December 16th, and on December 9th in Providence. They will have activities for the children, with prizes and giveaways!