A near head-on collision with Webster County Sheriff Ronnie Cullen landed a Sebree woman in jail on nine different charges earlier this month.

Cullen reported that he was patrolling Highway 120 East when he topped a hill and met a 1989 Toyota Camry driven by Tonya Sue Golike. He said that her vehicle was on his side of the road and they barely missed a head-on collision.

Deputy Cullen turned around and performed a traffic stop on the vehicle, stating that upon approaching the vehicle he saw a spoon in the floorboard covered with a crystallized substance.

Golike, according to the police report, admitted that she was driving on a DUI suspended license.

Cullen performed a search of the vehicle upon taking the suspect into custody, locating syringe containing a brown substance that tested positive for meth, bottles filled with Gabapiten, Trazadone and other pills, a plastic bag of marijuana, a bag filled with "roaches", two baggies with approximately a gram of meth in each, a loaded .25 caliber pistol, several more syringes filled with a substance believed to be meth and two more spoons with a blackened substance believed to be meth.

Golike was transported to Baptist Health for a blood test, but admitted to the deputy that her blood was going to be "dirty."

She was charged with:

•Reckless driving

•Failure to maintain insurance

•No registration

•Driving on a DUI suspended license

•Operating a motor vehicle under the influence of drugs

•Possession of meth

•Possession of heroin

•Possession of an unspecified drug

•Possession of meth

She was lodged at the Webster County Detention Center.

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