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While driving passed a residence recently burglarized on Thursday night, Providence Police Officer Isaac Frias noticed a suspicious vehicle parked at a storage unit across the street on Montgomery Street at approximately 9:30 p.m.

Aware of the recent burglary, Frias decided to investigate, and quickly uncovered that the driver of the parked vehicle, Brittney Hall, 30 of Madisonville, was wanted on felony receiving stolen property in related to the previous burglary.

According to a report filed by Frias, when she was being taken into custody, he located methamphetamine, syringes, opiates and a variety of other paraphernalia.

She was arrested and charged with second degree burglary, possession of meth, possession of opiates and possession of drug paraphenalia.

Following Hall’s arrest, Webster County Deputy Matt Benton arrived on the scene to assist and discovered that a window had been broken out of a house across the street from the parked vehicle.

Police allege that Hall’s boyfriend, Robin Stone of Clay, had broken into the house while she waiting across the street. By the time that police discovered the broken window, the said he had fled the scene.

Stone is currently wanted on charges of second degree burglary, third degree burglary, theft by unlawful taking over $500, possession of meth and possession of drug paraphernalia.

In a statement released to the media, police cheif Todd Jones said, “Mr. Stone is a career criminal that has spent the majority of the last 25 years committing criminal acts. He has 29 prior theft related convictions,  seven prior drug related convictions and a variety of other convictions including, but not limited to Promoting Contraband 1st degree, Carrying a concealed Deadly Weapon, as well as a variety of traffic related convictions.”

Anyone with information on how to locate the suspect is asked to contact the Providence Police Department at 270-667-2021.



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