The late Tommy Chandler served the Community of Webster County for over 25 years, including time spent as the circuit court judge and as the Webster County School Board attorney. On Monday, the Webster County Board of Education paused to honor him and his service to the community.

“We married in 61, planned on going to Lexington for school, before Tommy was called to the army for law, then went to Arkansas for four years and during that time we always dreamt of coming back to webster county. 60 years we’ve lived and raised out family here!” said Bonita Chandler, wife of Tommy Chandler, during Monday’s board meeting. She was presented with a plaque to honor the service of her husband.

“I enjoyed serving next to Tommy, he served Webster County well!” Stated James Nance, Sebree’s Board Representative.

The school board also honored Courtney Null, teacher at Clay Elementary, and Holly Jones of Sebree Elementary as the #1WC Employees of the month.

Courtney Null is known for being a strong student advocate and wanting the best for her students.

“She is always proud when one of our teachers get recognized, but I remember her (Courtney Null) from being a toddler at Broadway School. She’s an advocate for her students 100% in her classroom or outside of her class!” stated Principal Susan Owens of Clay Elementary.

Holly Jones of Sebree Elementary was recognized next.

“Holly Jones goes above and beyond in the classroom for Sebree elementary school she had made such an impact on lives inside and outside of the classroom!” stated James Nance. Holly Proudly announce, “I moved here at seven, I’ve been a Sebree Devil since 1991!”.

The School District will attempt to go live this Thursday with the new phone system for the schools. The district was also applied for Devices via the $7.6 billion Emergency fund, which secured the elementary schools of Webster County with 1,200 Chromebook.

“The Chromebooks were approved Tuesday and were received by the following Monday,” said, Mike Stone, Webster County tech coordinator.

The School Board Approved the Purchase of a School Bus with cameras for a total of $128,948. The Chip for the bus Is created in Malaysia and has a four-month turnover. After that it will take nine to 10 months for the bus to get to the district but should be here for the 2022-2023 School year.

The TRANE contract for $1.4 million will be used to fund a new HVAC System for Webster County High School. The Design for the new HVAC system will be done in 4 stages each amounting to $10,000 for a total of $40,000. Greg Bowles the assistant Superintendent informed that the project would start the first of summer.

The school lunches annual adult Increase will raise breakfast prices to $3.00 and Lunch up to $4.75. Under the USDA SSO schools are required to charge more for adult meals than they are reimbursed for meals under the district-wide free breakfast and lunch program. This will begin by January.

Test To Stay has had 16 participants as of Monday and has been highly successful. The participants test for five straight school days and the goal is to help catch students who are positive while eliminating the need to quarantine those who aren’t.

Those being tested are provide a rapid test. If someone tests positive with the rapid test, a PCR long test is taken and shipped to Louisville.

Any families living in the household with students who test positive also are able to access testing for themselves. Nurses are being used in case of emergency to determine whether or not it’s safe for athletes who may test positive to compete in things like regionals or district finals.

COVID numbers are finally dropping drastically in Webster County school, and district officials are grateful to the immense number of participants they’ve had from the elementary schools and parents helping keep our kids healthy.

October is national principals’ month, the board commended how well all the webster county schools are being ran. “We really appreciate all you do!” stated Rhonda Callaway.