Authorities will be pressing charges against a student found to have had a gun in their vehicle at Webster County High School last Tuesday, and school officials also say that appro-priate disciplinary action will follow.

School officials say that K-9 Resources was on site last site to conduct a sweep of the WCHS parking lot to deter contraband from being brought onto campus, when the dog struck on a vehicle. Inside officials located a .22 rifle.

"Necessary actions were immediately taken and future appropriate disciplinary procedures will follow," superintendent Rhonda Callaway said in a press release. "Parents, it is a great

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time to communicate with your students that weapons, contraband, and drugs are not allowed on our school grounds."

Webster County School Board contracted with K9 Resources earlier this year. The organization provides resources to help make all six school campuses in the county safe, including unscheduled dog sweeps of all facilities and grounds.

The student, a juvenile, was charged in Webster County juvenile court.

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