Through last season, Kolbi Alsbrooks was an up and coming archer on the Webster County Archery Team, but this season she made the tough decision to make the move from the high school team to Hopkins County-based WKAC S3DA.

The group shoots at the West Kentucky Archery Complex in Madisonville.

Where the National Archery in the Schools Program (NASP) put archery on the table for students across the state and country, an even newer program is striving to make archery even more accessible for shooters.

It also looks to give archers a headstart on the next stage of their shooting career.

“When NASP started, there was a lady involved with it that saw a need for a way for kids to transition,” said Bryon Sager, one of WKAC’s coaches. “NASP bows are good, but you don’t shoot NASP bows in college.”

Every archer who shoots in NASP tournaments shoots the same bow, the Genesis Original.

The Scholastic Archery Association, also known as Scholastic 3-D Archery (S3DA), allows archers to adjust and choose their own equipment.

“In S3DA you shoot a compound bow and different size arrows,” said Alsbrooks. “You can have a bow that has been specifically set up for that individual.”

On January 20, Alsbrook and her new team shot at the  Kentucky Regional Indoor 5 Spot (West) shoot in Philpot, Ky, claiming the overall win in the archery club division with a score of 727.

S3DA seeks to teach young archers to shoot 3-D targets, indoor targets, and outdoor targets.

“I find S3DA more challenging than NASP,” said Alsbrooks. “There’s a lot to S3DA like draw length, poundage, and aligning sights. You have more options to help make you a better archer.                                                                                                                              Unlike NASP, S3DA prepares you for college archery. After you graduate high school you can no longer shoot in NASP and have to transition to a compound bow to shoot on the college level. S3DA shoots compound bows so there is no transition for college archery.  We even have the opportunity to shoot with professional archers in our building.”

And participation isn’t limited to schools. S3DA teams and meets can be organized by schools, churches, archery clubs and even archery shops.

Starting in only three states, S3DA is now active in 36 states.

“West Kentucky Archery Complex Club has really talented archers on it,” said Alsbrooks. “The coaches and archers have really made me feel welcome and part of the team. Everyone cheers everyone else on.  The coaches take a lot of time with each archer to help us succeed and be the best archer we can be.  I never realized there were other options besides NASP but I am really glad I found the S3DA program.”

Kameron Henley of WKCA S3DA took the overall win with 150 points, hitting 27 tens.

Other competitors for WKAC S3DA were:

•Cooper Jones (10th, 149)

•Jeremiah Foster (23rd, 147)

•Edward Sanchez (44th, 144)

•Tucker Boudro (52nd, 143)

•Garrett McLevain (55th, 143)

•Maggie Gilliam (64th, 141)

•Ian Rienstra (79th, 137)

•Jessica Heady (95th, 133)

•Kyle Stewart (97th, 133)

•Hannah McKenzie (103rd, 131)

•Dalton Simons (110th, 130)

•Harlee Evans (163rd, 114)

•Dreaw Lewis (165th, 113)

•Kolbi Alsbrooks (188th, 103)

•Kyle Gauthier (205th, 94)

•Justin Gibson (214th, 88)

•Justin Matheny (253rd, 55)



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