The Webster County High School archery team will be without one of its top shooters next month when it travels to the NASP World Tournament in Orlando.

The news broke on Monday that Kolbi Alsbrooks had suffered a scaphoid (navicular) fracture to her wrist during field day on May 15 and would have to sit out of the NASP World Tournament July 21-22 in Orlando.

A scaphoid fracture, a fracture of the scaphoid bone, is the most common type of carpal bone fracture. Scaphoid fractures usually cause pain at the base of the thumb accompanied by swelling in the same area.

Alsbrooks’ mother, Tab Alsbrooks, reported that Kolbi’s wrist was currently immobilized and that she was awaiting an MRI later this week to determine he course of treatment. Doctors have said she will be sidelined at least through the end of July.

Alsbrooks was one of two qualifiers for the Trojans at the KHSAA State Tournament in April. The freshman was fourth best in her class, and 25th out of 232 high school girls.

Alsbrooks did not finish outside the top 10 in any regular season meet during the 2016-17 campaign. She was 65th out of 2,150 high schoolers at the NASP National Tournament, and 129th out of 629 in the NASP 3D Challenge last month in Louisville.

“I cannot express her disappointment in missing the World Tournament,” said Tab Alsbrooks. “However she is very much looking forward to jumping back in as soon as possible to prepare for the upcoming 2017-2018 season.”

The loss of one of its top archers isn’t the only hit the Webster County Archery team has taken this summer.

With just six weeks before the tournament in Orlando, the team has had to make some adjustments during summer practice.

The squad normally uses the gymnasium at Dixon Elementary as its practice facility, but due to construction on the building, has been unable to tune up there.

Construction has also kept them out of the auxillary gym, and the main high school gym is being used for basketball camps.

The team is preparing for the tournament at Sebree Elementary’s gym.


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