The Kentucky High School Athletic Association (KHSAA) released their 2021 ratings percentage Index (RPI) Rankings for the current basketball season on the association’s website earlier this week. Despite currently having one of the best records in the commonwealth, the rankings were not favorable to the Webster County Trojans, who were placed in the 39th spot in the state.

According to the RPI, Webster County has the second best win-loss record in the state at 10-2, second to only Clinton County (11-1), which was ranked 21st in the state. Madisonville-North Hopkins at just 3-1 is the highest RPI ranked team in Region 2 at 25th.

The RPI tool was developed for all team sports in Kentucky by using the official KHSAA/Riherds Scoreboard data. It was created for a number of reasons, including district tie-breaking and football bracketing, as well as a means to increase publicity, interest and promotion of Kentucky high school sports. The Board of Control has approved the RPI to be used as a tie-breaking/contest result mechanism to decide seeded district games not played by the deadline.

Rankings are updated on an hourly basis, but are not calculated for teams that are missing data from the previous day, and do not included games that were canceled due to COVID-19 restrictions.

The RPI rankings are achieved by factoring in the team’s strength of schedule, based on winning percentages of both teams. It does not include margin of victory.