Clay native Grant Puckett certainly knows his way around the golf course. The WCHS freshman can usually be found playing a round at the Providence Municipal Golf and Recreation Center in his free time, and practices his skills frequently. 

Well all that hard work has finally paid dividends. 

The PGA Kentucky Junior Tour keeps track of the results of all the state’s aspiring golfer’s results, and when those standings were finalized last week, there was something of noteworthiness for all of Webster County. Puckett was the person that stood head and shoulders ahead of the rest of the pack in the final standings, meaning that the 14-year-old is the PGA Kentucky Junior Tour Player of the Year for his division. 

“It feels really good that the hard work that I’ve put in is starting to pay off,” said Puckett when asked about his recent achievement. 

Not only did Puckett win this award, but he did it in style. Puckett finished with 1,570 points, while second place finisher Logan Liles of Vanceburg finished with 1,160. This essentially means that Puckett won by a comfortable three or four tournament victories the way the PGA Kentucky Junior Tour keeps track of point totals. 

Puckett competed in 22 tournaments this spring and summer, bringing home the bacon an eye-popping 15 times. The best score Puckett shot on the summer was in the Summer Series #34 tournament at Indian Hills in Bowling Green on July 13, shooting a rather impressive ‘70’ on the day. 

Puckett is also a member of the boys’ golf team at Webster County High School, and will compete for the Trojans in several tournaments this fall.