As Marissa Austin's high school athletic career comes to an end, she plans to further extend her education and athletic career at Oakland City University.

Austin is an iron athlete at Webster County, which means she is active in three sports. These include: soccer, basketball, and tennis.

The Lady Trojan senior signed with Oakland City last Friday in order to continue her basketball career at the collegiate level.

But even with her college decision in the books, she isn't done with her high school career yet. Austin has big goals for herself and her team to finish out her final season. One of these goals, personally, is to "be 2nd Region player of the year," and she hopes to help her team reach the state tournament, held in Rupp Arena.

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In addition to looking to her parents for guidance and to her coaches for the wisdom in order to achieve her dreams, Austin's church family has always been a huge influence in her life. Oakland City University is a private, General Baptist affiliated university located in Gibson County, Indiana with an enrollment of around twelve-hundred students. This university is best known for enhancing ethic and moral values into their students. What pushed Austin to sign with Oakland City was the fact that the team had good leadership and "the team were very welcoming and made (her) feel at home."

"It means the world to me and its where I can get the degree I want," she said about the scholarship, and the chance to play the game she has always loved and enjoyed.

Another deciding factor in her decision to attend Oakland City is the fact that it is the place in which her parents met.

Austin plans to double major in education and sports management and has a calling "to become a teacher and coach basketball, and eventually become an athletic director."

What she admired most about Oakland City is the fact that she "is able to take a piece of Webster County with (her)." She will have a lot of church family who will be able to be there for her.

Marissa Austin has not only grown up into an athletic family but has always enjoyed the community that comes along with being involved in athletics. She has shown, not only throughout high school but throughout her life, to be a hard worker that fights for her team and for those who have supported her.

Marissa Austin has set an example for what a true Trojan should act like, be like, and play like.