WCHS honors Marshall

Joshua Thompson once again topped the boys’ high school division, and the Webster County High School archery team claimed second place at the Graves County State Qualifier Saturday in Mayfield.

Thompson hit bullseyes on 24 of his 30 qualifying shots in the tournament, and finished with a 292 to top the high school field of 67 shooters. He was also recognized as an academic archer.

The scored led the Trojans to a runner-up and podium finish with 3,320 team points.

Trigg County finished first with 3,354 points, and Murray was third with 3,300.

Shelton Dock and Swade Morse also finished in the top 10 amoung high school males.

Dock fired a 290 on the day, hitting 21 tens for a 4th place finish in the high school ranks.

Morse, also an academic archer, finished with 286 points and 19 bulleyes for an 8th place standing.

Brooklyn Mays was the top female finisher for WCHS, tagging 16 tens for a 282-point meet. The total gave her 6th out of 77 archers in the high school girls column She was also recognized as an academic archer.

Sylena Stevens finished in the girls’s high school top 10 at 8th with 279 points and 14 tens.

Other competitors for Webster County were:

•Christopher Hall (281 points, 14 tens, 14th HS, AA)

•C. J. Travis (270, 15, 17th HS)

•Alexandria Weaver (276, 14, 12th HS)

•Jennifer Weaver (267, 9, 21st HS, AA)

•Leiann Thompson (264, 9, 23rd HS)

•Hannah Smith (262, 9, 26th HS, AA)

•Jacob Herron (262, 5, 38th HS, AA)

•Megan Johnson (257, 3, 33rd HS, AA)

•Destiny Hall (245, 5, 50th HS, AA)

•Emily Vance (243, 5, 52nd HS, AA)


•Connor Wolfe (276, 14, 7th MS)

•Hayden Clark (274, 14, 10th MS)

•Reagan Corbett (267, 7, 2nd Elem.)

•Conner Corbett (259, 3, 33rd MS)

•Carlee Drury (243, 4, 44th MS)

•Avery Guill (242, 4, 3rd Elem.)

•Joshua Jackson (241, 5, 53rd MS)

•Braxton Alexander (240, 6, 54th MS)

•Zander Evans (235, 4, 63rd MS)

•Tyler Blanford (231, 8, 65th MS)

•Trevor Gibson (212, 4, 80th MS)

•Hemii Wilson (209, 3, 82nd MS)

•Bryce Stinchcomb (201, 3, 84th MS)

•Hannah Frederick (200, 1, 73rd MS)

•Devin Dewitt (169, 3, 87th MS, AA)


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