While most sports fans think about Webster’s dominance on the softball diamond or the basketball court when talking about standout athletes in high school sports, the Webster County High School Archery program has quietly become a force to be recond with.

The Trojan squad has appeared in both of the last two NASP World Archery Tournaments and has sent archers on to the colligiate level each year, including Briley Hearrin, a 2015 graduate of WCHS, who won the 2017 USCAA National Indoor Women’s Championship.

Webster County High School’s archery team once again flexed its national muscles, placing among the top 15 percent of programs in the country at the NASP Nationals last weekend in Louisville, earning the team its third consecutive appearance in the World Tournament.

The Trojans placed 37th out of 248 teams in the basic bow competition held at the Kentucky Exposition Center.

The team’s 3,362 points was just over 100 points shy of the top score of 3,465 scored by champion Sarcoxie High School from Missouri.

Kentucky counterpart Lafayette High School in Lexington medaled at bronze with 3,458 points.

Webster also competed in the IBO 3D Challenge, placing 39th out of 108 teams.

“They have been shooting some very good scores all season and I look for them to be rested and ready to shoot some impressive scores at world,” said Coach Morris Denton. “It is a very long season and takes dedication to get to where they are.”

The Trojans’ 1,648 team points came in just less than 100 points off champion Hartland High School from Michigan, which posted 1,733.

Lincoln County High School in Stanford, KY, placed 2nd in the event with 1,716 points.

Kolbi Alsbrooks paced Webster with 287 points, hitting 19 tens and finishing 65th out of 2,150 high school female shooters.

Christopher Hall was the top competitor for WCHS in the boys’ division, firing a 285 with 19 tens, good for 73rd out of 2,991 middle schoolers. Hall was recognized as an academic archer.

Hall led the Trojans in the 3D Challenge, posting a 284-point flight with 19 tens. He was 17th out of 887 middle school boys.

Alsbrooks was the top female finisher for WCHS, coming in 129th out of 629 high school girls. She shot a 272 with 10 bullseyes.

Despite three consecutive years of success, Coach Denton says his archers are just getting started. With the exception of Diana Cox, who graduates this year (making just three graduates in three seasons), the team remains intact for the 2017-18 season.

“We can have all team members back again next season,” he said. “Plus we have several new archers who will be going onto the middle school team as well.”

NASAP World will be held July 20-22, 2017 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida.

Other archers competing for Webster County in the national events were:


•Leiann Thompson (284 points, 16 tens, 158th HS)

•Swade Morse (283, 17, 106th MS)

•Tyler Kuykendall (282, 16, 145th MS, AA)

•Brooklyn Mays (281, 14, 270th HS)

•Alexandria Weaver (281, 14, 270th HS)

•Emily Jarrell (279, 13, 349th HS, AA)

•Shelton Dock (279, 12, 58erd HS)

•Jennifer Weaver (277, 16, 255th MS)

•Sylena Stevens (273, 13, 626th HS)

•Josie Laneve (272, 10, 493rd MS)

•Colt Teague (271, 8, 1,127th HS)

•Evan Utley (269, 9, 765th MS, AA)

•Jacob Herron (269, 9, 1,231st HS, AA)

•Lauren Lieske (268, 11, 904th HS, AA)

•Hannah Smith (265, 5, 1,114th HS, AA)

•Evan Thurby (259, 6, 1,742nd, AA)

•Joshua Thompson (256, 9, 1,824th HS, AA)

•Emily Vance (256, 6, 1,502nd HS)

•Devin Dewitt (238, 5, 2,401st MS)

•Kaylee Alba (236, 6, 2,222nd MS)

•McKenzie Thompson (224, 4, 2,044th HS)

•Destiny Hall (221, 2, 2,061st HS, AA)


•Joshua Thompson (276, 15, 162nd HS, AA)

•Tyler Kuykendall (275, 15, 74th MS, AA)

•Jacob Herron (271, 10, 248th HS, AA)

•Shelton Dock (271, 8, 252nd HS)

•Brooklyn Mays (270, 12, 143rd HS)

•Evan Utley (267, 9, 178th MS, AA)

•Hannah Smith (265, 12, 197th HS, AA)

•Leiann Thompson (264 10, 214th HS)

•Zack Wilson (261, 10, 248th MS)

•C. J. Travis (256, 7, 462nd HS)

•Devin Dewitt (246, 8, 491st MS)

•Kaylee Alba (239, 7, 456th MS)

•Sydney Harkins (233, 4, 507th MS)

•Destiny Hall (225, 6, 545th HS)

•Emily Vance (224, 4, 552nd HS)


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