The 2020 Second Region tournament proved to be a tough one for Webster County archery programs, despite some strong performances from some individual team members.

WCHS’ Joshua Thompson posted a 289 with 22 tens, good enough to claim the second highest spot in the boys’ division. Zander Evans (285) finished ninth while Connor Wolfe (285) was tenth.

The Trojans finished fifth  of seven teams in the overall standings behind Henderson, Hopkinsville, Madisonvolle and Hopkins County Central.

Also shooting for the Trojans on Saturday were:

•Joshua Thompson—289, 22 tens

•Zander Evans—285, 16 tens

•Conner Wolfe—285, 16 tens

•Swade Morse—282, 16 tens

•Shelton Dock—281, 16 tens

•Megan Johnson—271, 11 tens

•Carlee Drury—268, 12 tens

•Hannah Smith—263, 9 tnes

•Daisie Dukes—262, 9 tens

•Lucas Wilson—258, 7 tens

•Gabrielle Frymire—257, 8 tens

•Hemii Wilson—257, 8 tens

•Bradley Haynes—257, 7 tens

•Odalys Martinez—257, 4 tens

•Zach Wilson—255, 4 tens

•Chase Hearrin—247, 6 tens

•Xaver Evans—245, 3 tens

•Conner Corbett—245, 2 tens

•McKinzie Thompson—243, 8 tens

•Jennifer Weaver—229, 4 tens


Webster County Middle School shot to a fourth place finish in the final Secon Regional Tournament standings, behind Browning Springs, Henderson County South and Henderson County North.

Shooting for the Trojans in the event were:

•Hayden Clark—279 14 tens

•Avery Guill—279, 14 tens

•Reagan Corbett—267, 10 tens

•Dalen Gower—266, 9 tens

•Braxton Alexander—263, 10 tens

•Benjamin Lovelace—262, 9 tens

•Beau Dukes—262, 8 tens

•Lily Grimm—261, 9 tens

•Hailee Jarvis—260, 8 tens

•Bryce Stinchcomb—260, 5 tens

•Aerial Cain—257, 9 tens

•Karson Saalwaechter—257, 8 tens

•Joy Murray—256, 8 tens

•Hunter Morse—255, 7 tens

•Aiden Ramsey—253, 7 tens

•TeKiya Walker—252, 6 tens

•Tyler Blanford—253, 5 tens

•Braghen Sloat—48, 7 tens

•Abigail Laugary—248, 2 tens

•Keats Pruden—242, 5 tens

•Taylor Dame—238, 1 ten

•Seth Redlin—231, 2 tens

•Kendell Daulton—228, 4 tens

•Graham Watson—225, 3 tens

•Autumn Coakley—222, 3 tens

•Jordan Higgins—222, 1 ten

•Mason Haynes—219, 3 tens

•Brenen Ferrell—192, 1 ten

•Chloe Lovelace—101, 0 tens


The middle school Trojans also competed in the Christ the King Open over the weekend, claiming a second place.

Shooting for the middle school were:

•Avery Guill—287, 18 tens

•Dalen Gower—274, 9 tens

•Hayden Clark—271 11 tens

•Bryce Stinchcomb—270, 8 tens

•Aerial Cain—265, 8 tens

•Joy Murray—262, 8 tens

•Reagan Corbett—262, 7 tens

•Hunter Morse—258, 6 tens

•Braxton Alexander—256, 11 tens

•Keats Pruden—256, 8 tens

•Benjamin Lovelace—255, 4 tens

•Tyler Blanford—254, 8 tens

•Hailee Jarvis—253, 6 tens

•Karson Saalwaechter—252, 6 tens

•Aiden Ramsey—252, 3 tens

•Braghen Sloat—248, 6 tens

•Abigail Laughary—246, 3 tens

•Graham Watson—245, 7 tens

•Beau Dukes—242, 2 tens

•Lily Grimm—242, 5 tens

•TeKiya Walker—236, 3 tens

•Taylor Dame—233, 4 tens

•Kendall Daulton—232,  ten

•Brenan Ferrell—217, 4 tens

•Seth Redlin—214, 1 tens

•Jordan Higgins—208, 1 tens

•Autumn Coakley—204, 2 tens

•Chloe Lovelace—129, 0 tens


Sebree Elementary shot to a third place finish in the seven team Second Regional tournament, behind Cairo Elementary and Hanson.

Shooting for the Red Devils were:

•Hunter McCully—257, 6 tens

•Jackson Sutton—256, 6 tens

•Ashby Walters—254,  tens

•Daan Wiley—254, 5 tens

•Michaela McLean—239, 4 tens

•McKena Lucas—237, 5 tens

•Rylan Devine—222, 3 tens

•Cali Walters—220, 5 tens

•Breona Benson—215, 4 tens

•Kayleigh Pense—209, 1 ten

•David Oswalt—201, 2 tens

•Samuel Short—194, 3 tens

•Jacie Jones—186, 0 tens

•Hannah Clark—183, 4 tens

•Wesley Alexander—182, 1 ten

•Keyleigh Pense—162, 2 tens

•Diane Parker—142, 0 tens

•Jameson Haynes—111, 1 ten


Sebree also competed at the Christ the King Open in Madisonville, finishing second out of four teams.

Shooting in the event were:

•Jackson Sutton—260, 9 tens

•Hunter McCully—255, 3 tens

•Michaela McLean—255, 3 tens

•Daan Wiley—231, 2 tens

•Kayleigh Pense—229, 3 tens

•David Oswalt—216, 3 tens

•Rylan Devine—204, 7 tens

•McKena Lucas—199, 0 tens

•Keyleigh Pense—191, 2 tens

•Jacie Jones—176, 2 tens

•Samuel Short—73, 2 tens

•Hannah Clark—160, 4 tens

•Diane Parker—132, 0 tens




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