West Kentucky Archery Complex Team (WKAC) put the wraps on a very successful season earlier this month at S3DA Indoor Nationals held in Cincinnati, Ohio, claiming for themselves the number two spot in the nation.

As a sign of how tough competition was at this national meet, the top 58 archers all put up 150 points. In S3DA archery, each archer shoots six sets of five arrows, with a maximum possible score of 150. The center ring, or bullseye, is worth five points. Inside that ring is a smaller ring with an X, which is used solely to break ties. In this case, the 58-way tie for first was decided by the number of X’s the archer hit.

The top spot in the nation went to Jase Boils of Monticello, KY, shooting for Lake Cumberland Arrow Club team. Brooks hit 32 X’s.

WKAC’s Cooper Jones was the team’s highest finishing archer, tieing for the fifth place overall and tied four fourth in the high school males open class with 150 points and 29 X’s.

Kameron Henley was tied for 12th place in the overall and 9th in the high school male open class with a score of 150, 27 X’s. Bailey Sager was tied for 32nd over all with a 150, 23 X’s, ending up 2nd in the high school female fixed pin class.

Also shooting for WKAC where:


Edward Sanchez 148 Points, 15 X’s

Kyle Stewart 147, 20

Garrett Mclevain 147, 14

Charlee Webster 145,11

Jessica Heady 142, 8

Margaret Gillum 141,15

Ian Rienstra 140, 12

Tucker Boudro 135, 4

Dreaw Lewis 133, 4

Kylee Gauthier  127, 3 

Dalton Simons 122, 4

Hannah Mckinsey 122, 2

Justin Gibson 120, 5

Kolbi Alsbrooks 112, 4

Harlee Evans 104, 6

Justin Matheny 92, 1


With the S3DA indoor season complete, now the team turns to outdoor shooting competitions.



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