Employees of the city of Clay may be getting what Mayor Jackie Edens referred to as a “cost of living” increase, beginning July 1, 2019 with the next yearly budget takes affect.

“Last year we did not give city employees and adjustment, but the year before we did make some changes,” said Edens at last Tuesday night’s city council meeting. “I’d like for us to do a cost of living increase.”

Initially a 2.8 percent increase was suggested, but several council members weren’t in favor.

“I don’t really like percentage raises,” said council member John Smith. “I’d prefer everyone get the same thing. Just give everybody the same raise, whether it be a quarter or three dollars.”

Councilman Paul Cowan agreed.

“If you do a percentage, then you do it next year and the year after, everything gets way off,” Cowan said. “Our salaries would get out of line.”

The proposed 2.8 percent rage would have meant increases that ranged from 42 cents per hour to 47 cents. Council members eventually agreed on a 45 cent raise.

In other business, while working on an on-going water project, the city encountered an unknown abandoned petroleum tank partially beneath Highway 132.

The city has had to pay a contractor to remove a portion of the tank so new city water lines can be run through the area. They’ve also had to go back and replace 200 feet of newly installed PVC pipe with metal due to regulations regarding waterlines and petroleum tanks.

Council members heard a proposal to construct a new secured entrance for the city building, which would enclose the front lobby of the office with safety glass. The cost of the project would be $5,400.

Council members decided to table discussion of the project until costs stemming from the discovery of the petroleum tank can be assessed.




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