At its daily press briefing on Friday, the Green River District Health Department announced an additional 10 cases of COVID-19 in its seven county district, including two in Webster County, bringing the counties overall total to 10. Other new cases included three in Daviess County, one in Hancock County, two in Henderson County and two in Union County.

The total number of reported COVID-19 cases in the district is 167. Nine people in the district are currently hospitalized. Of the 167 confirmed cases in the district, 30 (18%) have required hospitalization. The district-wide total of recovered cases is now 81 (49%). 

Three of Webster County's 10 cases have been declared completely recovered from the virus. One remains hospitalized.

The health department provided clarification on why there are sometimes discrepancies between the numbers it reports and other sources. The cases being reported from the Green River District Health Department have been investigated and confirmed locally. These cases are then reported to the Kentucky Department for Public Health. There are multiple steps and redundancies in the reporting process to make sure that case information is accurate and to ensure cases do not go unreported. This process sometimes may result in lags between state and local reporting and some discrepancies from duplicate reports. The health department is actively working with other partners to identify and address all reporting discrepancies as quickly as possible.